Google Drive Offering Free 2GB Upgrade

Updating your Google Drive security information before February 17th will provide users with a free 2GB upgrade to their Drive accounts. The latest news in free online storage is Google's security checkup to ensure its users have the most up-to-date information tied to their Google accounts. In less than two minutes, a Google user simply needs to the following:

  • Update your account recovery information
  • Review recent sign-in activity
  • Confirm your apps and associated devices are indeed the ones you authorized access to your account information

That being said, Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users won't be eligible for this storage perk. In addition, those who complete the update will be seeing the update around February 28th once the adjustment has taken place.

We recommend you always keep your Google account up to date as the recovery feature of the Drive account really is a security feature that let's you monitor unauthorized users from accessing your information.

Google isn't the only cloud storage vendor though that is providing its users with these perks. According to The Verge, it seems that Microsoft is giving away up to 100GB of the OneDrive storage through their Bing Rewards program. Granted this is only good for two years and Google's is permanent, each will definitely have its user fan base.


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