At Black Brick Software you will work in a number of web technologies and a range of platforms. As a small company with a close knit team, we work on a large breadth of projects simultaneously.

While we are generally a PHP shop, knowledge of PHP or front end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are not required. Some programming knowledge is helpful as it gives the basis necessary for much of the work we do, however, we are more than willing to help you learn along the way. Here is a listing of the platforms we work with regularly:

Much of our work is consulting resulting in our entire team getting to work directly with clients. Interpersonal skills are a must.

Currently, we are working on a long term project with a multi-million dollar nonprofit to entirely re-envision their internal CRM (client/contact/customer relationship management) system. From front end design and data architecture to developing the backend API, this project has several jobs for applicants of all skill levels.

Additionally, we are invested with clients in two software projects. We hope to bring them to market in the next year. One project involves a specialized, cloud invoicing system that interfaces with a number of industry specific tools. Accounting and math in general are very helpful skills here. The other project merges a number of different services in the life insurance industry into one all encompassing platform.

Feel free to drop into the office a 2019a Central Ave in Kearney or or send us an email if for an application: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If applying for a development position, please include a link to your GitHub (required).


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Feel free to call or email anytime to setup a meeting. We would love to discuss your project to see if we can help!

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