Precious Metals Spot Price Display

Kearney Coin Center came to us looking for a way to display the current spot prices of precious metals in their store. Similar to a stock ticker, they envisioned large screen actively updating as prices changed.

The project needed to be a seamless as possible. Therefore, we decided to use a Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi is a small, low powered computer about the size of a business card that can be powered from just a USB. We then created a small embedded application, complete with Kearney Coin Center branding, that queried and updated the prices every 30 seconds.

We wall mounted a TV with the Raspberry Pi installed on the back. The Pi was powered directly off the TV's USB power and fed the video signal in via an HDMI cable. This setup turned the Pi on and off with the TV automatically.

Visit Kearney Coin Center downtown Kearney on the Bricks to see it in action.

Tags: local, application, custom, kearney, custom software, nodejs, raspberry pi

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