A super robust open-source platform for managing your relationships with people and other organizations. Designed with nonprofits, advocacy groups, and other Civic-sector organizations in mind, CiviCRM is a highly customizable and extendable CRM solution that is ready to meet the needs of any business or group of any size.

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An Open Source ecommerce solution providing sellers with powerful marketing and sales tools as well as a flexible online shopping cart system, Magento allows you to control and tailor every aspect of your online sales.

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A powerful and highly-extendable Content Management System with virtually no limitations, Joomla! is an excellent solution for managing even the most complex websites. In fact, you're looking at a Joomla!-based website right now!

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Designed for content creators and bloggers, WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems due to combining powerful tools and extensions with a user-friendly interface. With a large Open Source developer community, WordPress offers an easy-to-learn option that can rival even the most high-tech options for a professional website.

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Tailored for small businesses, QuickBooks is a suite of tools for managing payroll, inventory, sales, and other business needs. From marketing to merchant services and supply management, QuickBooks is a popular solution for vendors and service providers around the world.

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Dubbed the world's first "Community Organizing System", NationBuilder uniquely combines a Content Management System tailored for organizing with a powerful and deeply social Customer Relationship Manager - seamlessly bringing together all of your interactions online and on the ground.

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