Rapid Quest

Ever year, the Los Angeles LGBT Center puts on Rapid Quest. Participants spend three days camping and rafting down the American River in California. This is a major fund raising effort for the Center.

Participants signup, answer basic survey questions about themselves, and pay a nominal fee. They then create a personal campaign page on the Rapid Quest website to raise funds for the Center. These page allow the creators to post a custom picture and fundraising pitch. To participate in Rapid Quest, participants must raise a minimum amount of funds in donations.

Fundraising "thermometer"

There are two types of participants, raft commanders, and regular participants. Raft commanders are team leaders, they create two fundraising pages, one for the team and one for themselves. Fund raising totals are calculated for each individual; the individual totals are summed for the team total. On both page types, the total donations are displayed in a fundraising "thermometer".

Donor are able to search for participants both by individual and team. They can donate to individuals with a credit card. The donation amounts are automatically summed to both the team and individual campaign pages once confirmed.

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