Wilkinson Sandblasting & Industrial Coatings

Wilkinson Sandblasting is an industrial coating contractor servicing clients throughout the Midwest. They specialize in corrosion control for agriculture, oil, gas, and municipal storage structures.

While currently working in agricultural industry, Jesse was looking to expand his business into the oil & gas industry.  His solution to enter this new market was to have a website market the business capabilities of his company.  Industrial abrasive blasting and coating is a highly specialized industry wtih very specific clients. Jess needed a specialized website to cater to his clients and our company was the right fit for the job.

Working together, we layed out a custom plan, website goals and developed a list of key phrases and terms the website should contain. After creating a content layout for the site and article stubs, Jesse went through and expanded or corrected all the content to better match what he envisioned his company to be.



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