To ensure their long term growth in the unique market of portable storage containers, U’Stuff-‘Em turned to us to increase their visibility. At the time, the company was investing in brand new storage containers and dumpsters and needed a way to secure that these units would always be rented. With a thorough analysis of the market and the aid of a brand new website, their goals could be better fortified. That’s where we come in.

As with many successful companies with a prominent online presence, we needed to make sure that their website was designed with SEO in mind. U’Stuff-‘Em wanted to make sure that they would consistently come up significantly higher in search engine results. With our tailored market analysis that we provide all clients, we were able to target keyword used by potential customers. These customers wouldn’t just have to be local, and having an online presence would make sure that they’d be matched to the U’Stuff-‘Em line of quality products. With this in mind, optimization of the most relevant search engine content was created.

However, attracting potential clients to the website is only half the battle. As the content we created was completed, we worked with U’Stuff-‘Em to create a customer path. Making sure that the user interface and experience was optimized to help the clients navigate the web page was the other half. Custom software is key to our customers’ success so we included forms and other multitudes solutions to tailor their needs. This included things like making sure that all pages funneled these potential customers to the contact page and that this final page gave them a helpful experience. Keeping stock up to date was the only thing that U’Stuff-‘Em had to worry about when we met their unique needs.

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