Dan Watermeier for Legislature

After successfully winning his 2012 campaign for the District 1 of the Nebraska Unicameral, Dan began to look for ways to reach out to his constituents regarding important legislative issues, managing his current constituent base relations, and preparing for his 2016 reelection campaign. There were several aspects to this project we completed in different stages. The site was not singularly a informational, campaign, or constituent outreach website. We had to strike a balance between all these needs.

Once the balance between the various goals was figured out, the rest fell in to place. Stage one was developing a design for the website. Joomla offers a variety of themes but the one that was ultimately chosen solved the balance issues all on its own. The next step was to port Dan's legislatives updates from his Unicameral website. These updates help constituents stay informed about the important legislation that was coming off of the floor of the Unicameral. It helps them stay updated and keep informed. These updates proved to be an extremely valuable tool not only for those purposes but also to help the reader get to know Dan a little more. Since each article was written by Dan and not just a boring press release, it gives his views and stances on a variety of topics allowing the reader to make a personal connection with Dan.

The next step was to boost Dan's social media presence. This also hits the balance subject as it helps to make his constituents feel closer to Dan. It also makes it easier for Dan to keep his constituents informed on the fly without having to do a full article style write up. This can even work as a call to action by setting up events and rallies for his upcoming reelection campaign. Boosting Dan's social media presence involved adding Facebook and Twitter plugins into his homepage. This fit well with the feel of the website which was for a clean and responsive site that felt professional and senatorial.

The next step was to focus on Dan's CRM model. This allows Dan to access his E-mail his district's voters informing them of events and soliciting donations. Courtesy of NationBuilder Election Center, Dan also has access to a full list of voters in his district. The entire design revolved around finding a balance in every element of the design and the CRM model. No shortcuts were taken balancing ease of use and full functionality.

As Dan's website was starting to come together it became more clear that the balance was slightly asscued to the informative side. The way we adjusted it back was to use testimonials and associations endorsements to let potential viewers know how highly recommended Dan was as an elected official. The hover functionality of the endorsements gave the page such a good look that we decided to put it directly underneath where the viewer lands on the page.

The final step was to create a custom logo for Dan's site. The logo was actually something that came together very organically, Dan had given us his logo he used in his 2012 campaign that we really liked. The only thing that needed to be done with it was to clean it up and give it a fresh and modern look while still being very clean and simple. With this combination of problems solved and the balance of the site feeling just right, it will be much easier for Dan to interact with his constituents and let them know about important legislative updates while preparing for his upcoming reelection.

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