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Red Cap Cards is a upscale greeting card printing and distribution service based in Beverley Hills, CA. They specialize in custom made greeting cards from notable designers and artists alike, creating a greeting card for nearly every situation. Red Cap Cards was facing a problem though, their old website was not meshing with their execellent branding. The approach to tackling these problems was a clean and efficient new website powered by Wordpress and Woocommerce. The website we set out too build needed to be clean, fast, simple, and stylish to maximize the customer's experience while also having tons of depth for returning customers or artists.

Wordpress was chosen for this project for two primary reasons. First, Wordpress is extremely simple on the surface but you can bend and shape it into nearly anything. Second, it boasts one of the most robust ecommerce solutions on the market today. WooCommerce is the most popular plugin in the world today for eCommerce websites. It packs nearly every eCommerce feature a website could want. It is well documented and has a number of very useful extensions.

Some of the things we did on this project include: 

  • Layout Customization
  • Data Migration
  • Custom Wholesale Pricing
  • Plugin adaptations 
  • Mobile Responsiveness

The old website had a blogging platform with a few hundred posts. There was no easy way to extract these from theses without spending too much time deciphering the old system. So we went ahead and started doing some good ol' brute manual data entry.  It may not have been the most glamorous method of transferring the blog posts but the job was going to get done in a matter of hours. Multiple monitors are a god sent gift in these type of situations. However some posts were missing meta tags and other types of information with manual data entry. Luckily later on we spotted an RSS feed containing 30 of the latest blog posts from the old site. We were able to modify the code to give us all of the posts with meta tags and were able to use this feed and some creative data manipulation to import the entire blog. Migration of the users, passwords, and products went a bit more smoothly. 

Designer Michelle and Visionary Carrie provided us with some amazing looking website design mockups and direction to make their new website a reality. It was really fun working with them.   

Functionality is one of the most important and technically demanding steps for any website. If the website doesn't work properly then none of the other steps will matter at all. This includes getting the ecommerce portion including wholesale functionality, shipping, taxes, and redirects along with cart and checkout gateways and logic. The wholesale functionality is the key feature to this site as it will recognize wholesale users based on their login to get them special pricing, order minimums, and payment options.

The last stage of this build required intensive styling with the overall goal to maintain a clean and streamlined feel towards the site. This was accomplished through mostly the use of custom CSS but Wordpress did pack a few built-in style features on board. These two combined for a look that not only the customers but one that the Red Cap Cards team themselves should love. With this build Red Cap Cards is more than ready to expand their customer base and grow their business.

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