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Here at Black Brick Software we strive everyday to make the best websites on the internet for our clients. We are always learning and adapting new styles and practices for our ever growing client base. We recently finished development on a new private labeled e-commerce website that shows off our growing skill set. This site tested us on a number of levels from a developmental standpoint.

The first of which was the scale of the company involved, despite having worked for much larger non profits before we have never worked on an eccommerce website with this many needs. When doing the framing of the site one of the major points of emphasis was to make the site complex enough to have customers feel there was an endless amount of content but have it be easily manageable for the business. We achieved this goal in numerous ways throughout the project. The design was made with mobile compatibility being kept in mine through the entire project, constantly asking ourselves "how does this scale" as in how would this look on someones mobile device as compared to a full sized computer monitor.

We are very proud to say that the website looks and feels just as good on mobile as it would on a desktop. The products that the business would need to sell also needed to be highly customizable and have not only images and customization options but would need to be able to show specific videos for each individual product as well. But the largest undertaking of this project easily had to be the large scale shipping and inventory control for the client. This company has inventory in two continents and ships globally so the challenge was creating a user based classification system that would apply the appropriate tax and shipping costs based on the individual user and keep track of such a wide reaching inventory.

These problems were solved thanks to Magento's flexibility in it's code which allowed us to warp the tax class system using a custom created piece of software for Magento. For this reason Magento felt like the only platform to build the website on, It's highly customizable while being easy to manage and looks great to customers who will be swamping to the site shortly. Another huge feat accomplished in this website is it's automatic invoicing, shipping labels, and billing which is a massive feat for us. The system will print a customized invoice and shipping label for each individual customer based off of the customers name and address.

Overall we are very proud to be able to say that we have committed this website to the internet as a finished product. We will still be working on the back end of the website during it's infancy. We can not wait to see how much this website will grow over time.

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