Jack Lederman Co.

Jack Lederman Co. is a Kearney based metal fabrication shop. They specialize in welding and custom fabrication. They fabricate signs, stairways, and rails for a wide variety of customers including farmers, ranchers, commercial, and residential customers.

With such a diverse group of customers, the main focus for the site would have to be finding a way to reach new customers from each of the aforementioned groups. It was paramount to produce a site that was easy to navigate while being visually complex and stimulating.

The previous site that Jack Lederman Co had was nothing more than a document with contact information and a brief history. That meant producing a lot of original content for the site. We were able to do this by seeing what areas the company felt were most important to showcase.

Diversification is a key word for this site, meaning that we were trying to walk a fine line where we did not focus on one customer group more than the other ones. This was achieved by giving each potential customer group there very own section of the site that would have content that the particular group would find  appealing without having to dive through content that they were not interested in.

The Joomla CMS with a Bootstrap 3 enabled theme provided us with a powerful and sleek template to build a fast and clean site from. Images were a massive part of this site; it was extremely important that potential customers would be able to cleanly look though previous projects to see what all was possible.

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This website loads very qucikly thanks to correct image embed sectup. We compressed the original images down to thumbnail size while offering the full resolution image only after being clicked on. This keeps page sizes small and, consequently, page loads fast.

The Contact page features a customized captcha which dramatically lowers the chances that the Jack Lederman Co. team will get emails and contact information that was randomly generated as spam. The New Sales page was also slightly tricky as well since this is not an e-commerce website; it was to be a purely informative page of the products that they carry and regularly have in stock.

This site was overall very fun to build as we were given a ton of room for interpretation and freedom to give the site it's own unique flair.

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