The Verity Fund

Here at Black Brick Software we are always trying to find projects that will force us to challenge what we think a website is and can be. Even the most straight forward looking website can hold many unexpected challenges and road blocks. The Verity Fund is a North Carolina based investment firm that focuses on one to one investing with a excellent customer support. We were beyond excited to have had the opportunity to work on this web property.

With a very small team, The Verity Fund only accepts a very small number of large value clients, With an influx of interest  from potential new clients, The Verity Fund had a bit of a dilemma on their hands. They could not provide the hands on customer support necessary for all of their potential new clients.

Looking to scale, The Verity Fund decided to invest in a web presence. Since they did a massive amount of research anyway, they wanted to monetize their recommendations at scale allowing individual investors to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. We worked with them to develop a plan to showcase and display the research and investing advice.


The design of the The Verity Fund website was inspired from a number of sources. Generally, we picked from larger, better known financial services institutions. As with most financial institutions, the design was kept very conservative.

The site also makes use of dozens of pictures to offset the amount of white space. We believe this is very visually appealing for any potential clients. When building The Verity Fund it was very important to make sure that the one to one customer service experience came through to any clients of the sight.

We developed a number of custom data visualazations including realtime graphing and mapping. These use various libraries including Google geoCharts and d3. As well as adding a customized heat map to the site that allows users to see the growth of a current sector in the Members Area.



The Verity Fund's website works on a subscription model. Two level of support (Basic and Premium) are offered to clients with two options for payment (monthly and yearly). Both plans unlock access to the proprietary research the Verity Fund provides, while only the Premium plan member will get real time advice and notifications as market conditions change.

To minimize the website management time necessary each month, we create a nearly automated subscription model. Plans can be paid for monthly via a credit card. They can be cancelled at any time. Access to the Members section of the site is granted and revoked automatically bases on subscription status. There is very little necessary manual setup for any new clients.


As part of the Premium package, clients receive real time notification of market changes. To facilitate the ease with which this is done, all subscription plans are integrated with both mass mailing and mass SMS (text messaging).

Data Feeds

The website offers plenty of free information for potential clients, however the website really shines in the "Members Area." In here a Verity Fund member will have access to and exclusive collection of articles, market forcasts, and stock quotes. Realtime live data is pulled into the site, giving current prices and returns. Previous month's data is also available with the realized returns. This way members are able to see not only the current recomendations and how they are doing, but also a historical archive of all recomendations.


We here at Black Brick Software are extremely pleased that we were given the opportunity to work on this website for The Verity Fund and know that it our continued partnership will be a boost for both of us.

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