Imperial Auto Renewal

Imperial Auto Renewal is an Imperial, Nebraska based automotive body shop and restoration specialist. Having served all of southwest Nebraska for thirty years they have plenty of experience when it come to reparing broken windshields all the way to straightening framework.

For this website we decided on a clean and simple design that would focus on immediate visuals and many call to actions to get into touch with Imperial Auto Renewal. However if a potential client is looking for a specific service, they will more than likely find it under the services tab of the navbar.

The overall design of the Imperial Auto Renewal was open and clean. White space was use to emphasize the vivid pictures and nonstandard web fonts. The site smoothly scales to all screen sizes from mobile phone to HD monitors. The usability of the site was tested at all screen sizes.

  • mobile
  • tablet
  • desktop

The header contains a logo, navbar, and contact information. This keeps all the relevant information above the fold of the website. The navbar drop down for services provides a quick direct link to the article of choice. The contact information has a direct link that you can click to immediately call or email Imperial Auto Renewal.

The home page features a picture of the location along with all the services proved. Additionally, tag lines as well as a slideshow detailing the process of a car repair is displayed.

The services page features a quick excerpt of all of the services along with a preview image. Additionally, many of the services feature a video. Videos are displayed with JW Player. This is a much more seemless video experience than Youtube. As an added benefit, suggested video from competitors are not display at the end.

This site was an absolute pleasure to work on as it let us flex our creative muscles and find new ways to approach and tackle web design issues.

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