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Turner Body Shop is a full service auto body shop with locations in Kearney and Holdredge. They are a 3rd generation, family owned business with a rich history in the community and have locations in Kearney and Holdredge. They do accept any job from a broken door handle to complete restorations and everything in between. With 24/7 assistance and towing available they always have their customer's back. And with free estimates and the ability to see the status of your repair or restoration there is no reason not to give them a visit!

We settled on a very sharp and angular feel to the site that demands the viewers attention and sets it aside from other auto body shops websites. We started with focusing on relaying the very personable style that Turner Body Shop has become known for with letting potential customers see the rich history and important facts about Turner Body Shop. Then using some call to actions that previous or current customers can use to talk about Turner Body Shop and find a location that is close to them.

The website also takes advantage of open white space to maximize vivid pictures and the the dark color scheme that the brand uses. Potential customers curious of Turner's ability to work on a particular service or project will be treated to a fantastic top down layout of all the services that Turner offers in the Services tab. Complete with high resolution photos that stack next to the article of choice it is very easy for potential customers to find what they are looking for.

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Turner Body Shop is all about helping the community that supports them and offers a custom donation form on their website in which local charities can fill out and turn into either Turner Body Shop location. Turner also employs several of the communities best and brightest and is always looking to grow their team. To help with this we created a custom on-line application for potential candidates to fill out as well as a physical hard copy that can be brought in to either of their locations.

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Feel free to call or email anytime to setup a meeting. We would love to discuss your project to see if we can help!

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