Village of Callaway

The Village of Callaway is situated in the heart of the scenic Seven Valleys region of central Nebraska. Callaway has a rich history and a promising future that is reflected in its friendly people and small town hospitality, making it the cozy community it is. The Village was in need of a website to let current residents know about upcoming events and city council meetings, as well as minutes and local business promotions.

We settled on a very bright and inviting layout that uses contrast via a dark colored header and a white background for the articles used to keep it's citizens informed. The site scales well to cell phones and tablets so that users on the go will not have to sacrifice quality when searching for what's happening in the community.

The homepage uses creative spacing and a button layout format to show the most common reasons why people may want to access the site. This allows users to be efficiently redirected to the area of their choice. It is also home to a news style blog and a quick look at upcoming events for the Village.

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Callaway is a bustling place with a plethora of events for families to be engaged in. As such, providing the Village with a quick and efficient way to schedule those events was paramount. To meet this need, the site has an attractive looking page that shows their annual events as well as a printable monthly calendar displaying weekly meetings and smaller events hosted by the village.

For citizens interested in renting a public space like the community center, the information is provided in a separate drop down. The site is also home to a complete directory of businesses in Callaway with a built-in category selector, allowing potential customers to easily find businesses that fit their needs.

Through all of these features, the citizens of Callaway are now equipped with the means to propel their community into its promising future.

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