Senator Mike Groene for Legislature

Recently Black Brick Software was contacted by Senator Mike Groene to design a website for his upcoming legaslative run. Though he didn't know how he wanted his website to look exactly, he wanted it to reflect his nonpartisan principles.  

Needless to say, we decided to go with a theme that is very Americana. The blue blackground envokes a sense of professionalism while contrasting the white nicely. The crimson accents ties the whole site together, while still conyeving the patriotic theme we were going for. 


Since Mike does not take any money from special interest groups or lobbyists, having a secure payment platform was a MUST. Fortunately, we are experienced in integrateing secure payment processors that meets all needs and requirements. 


Having an established web presence is vital for a successful campaign in today's political climate. Armed with his new website, Senator Groene will now be able to share his beliefs, communicate with his followers and accept donations all from his site. 

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