Roads To Freedom Foundation


The Roads to Freedom Foundation, the organization behind Roads To Freedom Unconvention, has commisioned us to build a site for their foundation using similiar themes from their UnConvention site.

With all the requirements specified, we decided to go with a clean, yet formal theme. The cleanliness of the white background is starkly contrasted by the navigation bar and footer to create a unique balance. On the desktop view, the slideshow becomes the center of interest to clearly specify the organization's key values. On the mobile side, we decided to put focus on the site's features. Category images were enlarged for ease of viewing, and parallax features are disabled to prevent the site from becoming too over-the-top.

A challenge we had when creating the site was reflecting the organization's American values without going overboard. We accomplished this by including iconic Americana with simple stock images. In this context, the website shows traditional values, without showing it outright.


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