NE iPad

During the 2011 school year, Chase County Schools was experimenting with Ipads in the classroom for teachers and students. While many of the teachers were familiar with desktop computers, not many of them had experience with tablets or Ipads. NE Ipad was created as a resource for them to visting and learn the basic about teaching with Ipads.

Not only did we setup and maintain the website. We were contracted to help the teachers with any questions they had about their Ipads. To this end, we adding many interactive features on the website.

We setup a forum on the website for teachers to ask and answer questions. Many times the teachers would answer each others questions, but there were time where we needed to help.

We also held numerous webinars. This was before the advent of services like Google Hangouts. We had to setup a server bases video conferencing software that teachers could login into and view the live webinars.

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