Chase County Schools

For the 2012 school year, Chase County Schools was buying one laptop for every student. They were refactoring how much of the school was run around this. They needed a new website that the secretaries could easily update to post all important documents and announcements.

We worked with Chase County Schools to develop a website that met these requirements. We used a modern content management system to create the new website. All the content was editable in place on the site; the secretaries could navigate to the page they wanted to edit, click the edit button, and make all necessary changes.

The website has been the default home page for all student laptops and computers in the school since it was launched. The website is updated daily by the secretaries with announcements, school lunch calendars, and event information. Also, rather than sending numerous papers home with students, the school also utilizes it to post documents for students and parents to download.

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