Custom Image Laser Engraving

Custom Image Laser Engraving is where technology meets art. They can immortalize any image into a variety of surfaces including: stone, tile, glass, and wood. They were not only looking for a site to showcase their work, they also needed a way for customers to get them very large image source files.

We worked with Phyllis to implement a simple, responsive, and modern website design. She was looking for a dark website with bright pictures to catch the visitor's eye. We went with a simple orange and black motif that matched her logo quite well.

Many times, prospective customers needed to send Phyllis large image source files for her to use in their engraving. She used to have quite a few issues emailing these large files. To fix this issue, we made her a custom form that allowed customer to upload any size file to her. It greatly simplified file transfer with new clients.

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