Don's Hobby Guns

Don's Hobby Guns was a small, local guns shop that specialized in online sales. While they used to sell their firearms through 3rd party listing and auction sites, the fees were quite high. We worked with them to create their own ecommerce website. With their own website, they can keep costs and firearm prices down.

Selling firearms online and more specifically across state lines presents a number of challenges. All firearms must be shipped to FFL dealers for the customer to pick up. This FFL dealer then performs a background check before releasing the fire arm to the customer. We worked with Don's Hobby Guns to address these challenges.

Katie and her staff use the website daily. While there is usually a small learning curve associated with ecommerce, they picked it up in less than an hour. Currently, there are over 2300 items on the website with mutiple images and varients of each; it is growing every day.

Additionally, Don's Hobby Guns had a unique pricing structure for firearm shipping. We looked for an out-of-the-box solution, but nothing quite matched. We decided the best route would be to custom code a shipping price calculation plugin. The plugin has been working great for over 2 years (as of November 2014).

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