Kearney Coin Center

Kearney Coin Center is the premier bullion and rare coin dealer in Central Nebraska. Bjorn was looking to expand his customer base nationally through an ecommerce website. To meet the specific needs of selling bullion, he need quite a few customization to his online store.

We worked with Kearney Coin Center on a number of projects.

Firstly, we created an ecommerce website. The website lists much of Kearney Coin Center's current inventory. Customers can check out with Paypal, Cash/Check, or Bitcoins. Silver and gold markets can be quite volatile; the website needed to be able to update prices based on spot price automatically. We created a custom integration with a precious metals price feed. Product prices are updated in real time based on the current bullion price.

When creating the website, Kearney Coin Center did not have a logo. We worked with them to create a logo that fit the feel of the business. Over time, we have worked with Bjorn to create other necessities such as business cards.

Later, in November 2013, Kearney Coin Center hosted their first coin auction. The called us up to create a custom invoicing system that would be able to track auction lots and buyers, then automatically generate an invoice. We used Excel with Microsoft VBA to create a custom solution that was able to handle all of the requirements beautifully.

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