Late Night Rates

Late Night Rates is a completely custom web application. Randy came to looking to create a site that would market unsold hotel rooms after 10pm for a vastly reduced rate. We worked with Randy to implement his vision.

The crux of the project was the web application. The website needed to be able to easily and quickly signup hotels and customers -- likely most of the signups would be on mobile devices. We created a custom Joomla component from the ground up to manage this.

Hotels were able to sign up in one simple form. The could input all their information, upload a picture, and set the availability,  all within five minutes. It was very important to Randy that the hotels did not need to put forth a lot initial effort in the signup process. Each additional step would discourage signups.

The customer purchase was even quicker. As all the signups would be after 10pm local time, almost all customers would be using mobile devices. It was very important the site be responsive to all screen sizes. The web application would identify customer through their GPS and display the nearest hotels. Customers only had to choose a hotel and enter a name and address to reserve a room. Hotels and customers would receive an email detailing the purchase for their records.

Late Night Rates was also in need of a consistent branding. We worked with Randy to develop a color palette, font list, and logo. Since the website dealt so much with night, it was tempting to go with a black or gray color scheme; we felt this was too drab for this style of quick sale website. The colors ending up being purple tinted blue and dusty yellow. It gave a nice active city at night feel.

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