Laura Ebke for Legislature

Laura Ebke has spent most of her life in the 32nd legislative district. She decided to run for the Nebraska Legislature in 2014.

She contacted us in the summer of 2013 looking to get a website, with a custom design, made and launched before the kickoff of her campaign.

Her campaign manager, Andy, was looking for a website in the style of some of the best rated websites of the 2012 cycle. We carefully studied the examples he provided. Although they varied greatly, there were some striking between all the sites

First, and most prominently, they used generally flat, simple designs. There were no gradients, flash, and very few drop shadows. They all had a great deal of social integration. The website really pushed you to network with them though Facebook, Twitter, and Android and iOS mobile apps. Many, instead of a flashy homepage image or intro, put a simple blog on the homepage. It contained campaign updates and news. Finally, and not surprisingly, the donate button was always drastically different from the other buttons. Many times it would be a bright color found no where else on the site. We worked to incorporate all of the elements into Laura's website.

We also created a custom citizen endorsement module. With this feature, constituents were able to fill out a simple form with who they are, where they are from, a picture, and why they personally endorse Laura. The endorsement can then be approved by the site administrator to show on the site. We also added a Google Map displaying the location of all the  citizen endorsers.

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