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SCORE Camp (Science Camp Offering Rewarding Experiences) is a childrens science camp held every other year in and around Imperial, Nebraska. It has different camps for 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th/6th graders.

They needed a new website, new logo, and the ability for prospective campers to sign up and pay on the website. We worked with Marla to deliver a custom solution to meet all these needs.

The new website design needed to be fun, but functional. We worked to create a consistant look through the website and logo. There are numerous galleries on the website. They get updated after every camp with fresh images. SCORE Camp staff wanted to be able to take care of this themselves. We implemented a solution that anyone could use with very minimal training.

The website also needed to act as a signup form for the camp. We create a custom solution where campers (or their parents in most cases) could register and pay directly on the website. This has successfully meet the needs of SCORE Camp over the past two camps. Hundred of campers registered and paid via the website. With this custom solution, paperwork for camp staff has been drastically reduced and they have access to registration fund much sooner.

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