Los Angeles LGBT Center

The Los Angeles LGBT Center was in the process of moving their websites over to Nationbuilder. They had eight seperate website for different departments that they wanted to move over to Nationbuilder Subnations. These websites needed of theme consistent with their new branding.

The Center decided that all of the subnation websites would use the same theme, but would have different color palettes and page formatting. We were provided with design samples of the new desktop theme and a set of color palettes.

Considering that the Center's site are extensively used on mobile devices, we knew that implementing a responsive theme was of the utmost importance. We setup the new theme on the Zurb Foundation 5 based theme from Ian Patrick Hines (https://github.com/ianpatrickhines/nationbuilder-foundation).

The results were spectacular. The theme looked and worked great with all Nationbuilder page types and gracefully scaled up from 300px width screens to 3600px wide screens.

Tags: california, design, nationbuilder, theme, responsive, foundation, nonprofit, los angeles

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