ComforTech Service

ComforTech Service is a quality HVAC installation and repair company in Central and Western Nebraska. They were looking to expand their visibility in the local market via a web presence. The wanted a modern website with good search engine optimization (SEO) to drive in leads.

As they did not currently have a website, we create an entirely new website from the ground up. We worked with Mark to understand the heating and air conditioning business as to effectively create content relevant to his business. Much of the consent focused on the variety of services ComforTech provides.

We studied what terms potential customers would use when needing HVAC installation or repair and incorporated those into his content. Additionally, we performed some basic link generation -- updating references across the internet to ComforTech with the website’s URL.

The website is still quite new. We will not know the true success of work until the busy season hits. It does look promising though. The website is ranking quite high on search engines for relevant search queries, especially local searches.

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