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The Los Angeles LGBT Center is the largest LGBT advocacy organization in the world. It publishes quarterly magazine called Vanguard. They were looking to put this magnetize online and have the ability to update the content more often to keep up with current events. This website needed to have a number of unique features.

We worked with the staff at the Center to create a custom Bootstrap 3 theme from design samples they provided. We create a design that was responsive to all screen sizes. It used the correct branding from the quarterly publication. The website, while utilizing a standard CMS, Joomla,  did have a number of custom extensions we created.

First, we created Facebook and Twitter API integration. This was used a number of places on the site including retrieving the number of likes and follows for the LA LGBT Center. We also created 'like' and 'tweet' buttons consistent with the Vanguard NOW branding.

Second, we created a Joomla plugin that integrated profile information, including image, into the user manager. This gave use the ability to easily update and display the author's information with any content they created.

Third, we created another series of plugins that extended the standard author information on content items. While doing a number of smaller tasks, this was mainly done to allow multiple authors to be associated with each piece of content. At the Center, many features are collaborative projects across different people and departments.

Finally, we worked with both 3rd party services and native HTML5 videos to integrate them into the standard content items. These video were responsive and could be used as a background video with a simple checkbox.

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