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Score Camp

SCORE Camp (Science Camp Offering Rewarding Experiences) is a childrens science camp held every other year in and around Imperial, Nebraska. It has different camps for 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th/6th graders.

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Late Night Rates

Late Night Rates is a completely custom web application. Randy came to looking to create a site that would market unsold hotel rooms after 10pm for a vastly reduced rate. We worked with Randy to implement his vision.

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Kearney Coin Center

Kearney Coin Center is the premier bullion and rare coin dealer in Central Nebraska. Bjorn was looking to expand his customer base nationally through an ecommerce website. To meet the specific needs of selling bullion, he need quite a few customization to his online store.

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B&S Painting and Powerwashing

B&S Painting and Powerwashing is a family run painting business based in Minden, Nebraska. They work all over Central Nebraska (Kearney, Hastings, Grand Island, Lexington, etc.) on all sizes and types of painting, staining, and powerwashing projects.

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Game On Games

Game On is is a hobby and game store founded in McCook, Nebraska. They have since added a Kearney, Nebraska store. Game On sell thousand of products in both locations as well as running numerous gaming tournaments.

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Don's Hobby Guns

Don's Hobby Guns was a small, local guns shop that specialized in online sales. While they used to sell their firearms through 3rd party listing and auction sites, the fees were quite high. We worked with them to create their own ecommerce website. With their own website, they can keep costs and firearm prices down.

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Chase County Schools

For the 2012 school year, Chase County Schools was buying one laptop for every student. They were refactoring how much of the school was run around this. They needed a new website that the secretaries could easily update to post all important documents and announcements.

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NE iPad

During the 2011 school year, Chase County Schools was experimenting with Ipads in the classroom for teachers and students. While many of the teachers were familiar with desktop computers, not many of them had experience with tablets or Ipads. NE Ipad was created as a resource for them to visting and learn the basic about teaching with Ipads.

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