Inventory Management

As businesses grow, the demand for managing their growing inventory often grows as well. From new store fronts to warehouses, the demand of keeping a supply chain moving efficiently can overwhelm even the best organized companies. Our experience in helping small to medium sized businesses track their distribution channels will keep you in sync.

One of the many problems with today's inventory management systems is generally tied to a dated Point of Sales (POS) system. The guise of saving money early in not updating your systems often prevent you from running the fastest or most up to date versions of the machine's software. In addition, these systems are generally running bulkier, less efficient programs on old hardware, slowing down the entire process. Dealing with these inefficiencies often catch back up to a company much quicker than they anticipated.

At Black Brick Software, our team excels in creating new models to assist businesses with their efficiency and production headaches. This is simply solved by integrating desktop and cloud software. We create a system for your business that meets very demanding specifications. Automatically updated inventory systems and inventory control are just some of the latest standards in inventory management your company needs to know what’s on hand and never worry about counts for products or your equipment.

Whether you need an entirely custom piece of software or your old system needs a facelift, our team has the knowledge and technical prowess to facilitate your needs. Throughout the entire development process, we’ll work with your feedback and comments to make sure you're fully involved and in the know with the shape and feel of your software.

Contrary to popular belief, overhauling your POS system is an accessible option and one not entirely out of your budget range.  In most cases, our experience and research let's us know that it may be more beneficial your POS system be separate from your inventory management system. This will keep both systems running smooth and reduces the possibility of confusion from your employees. Unfortunately, most of today’s POS systems are not thought out and it seems the two were just crammed together using inefficient coding techniques. They’re not generally feature rich and tend to use non-standard language causing businesses and their staff extremely slow adoption times which then leads to revenue loss. This is one of the main reasons that stores and companies dread doing audits and checks on inventory.

Using our simple and easy to use industry standard workflows, you won't ever have to dread an audit or check on equipment again. Call today to schedule a meeting with us and see how we can put you ahead of the competition.


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