Security Camera Installation and Off-Site Backup

Security cameras are an integral part of any security system. With our background in server management and networking, Black Brick Software can install and setup nearly any camera system. From small business to home security, Black Brick Software has you covered.

Modern security cameras provide HD video over regular computer networks. This gives a great amount of flexibility in how the video feeds are viewed, saved, and backed up. The live and backup footage can even be view directly from a smart phone.

One major vulnerability in many camera systems is the on-site DVR. Regardless of how well it is hidden, there is always the possibility of its theft, defeating the entire purpose of a camera system. While it is fine to have one copy at your home or place of business, we can backup the security camera footage in real time to our off site backup location. You can rest assured that you will always have a back up of your security footage. With our storage center, Black Brick Software can make sure you never miss out on what you want to see.

Conventional security cameras have a number of limitations, They store all footage, requiring large DVR systems that can only store low quality footage for a limited time. We tackle these problems in a number of ways:

First, we use intelligent, digital HD cameras. These cameras can be programmed in a multitude of ways. Most importantly, they can be set to record intelligently. In this mode, they will only take infrequent footage (~1 frame a second) until movement is detected. Full recording can be triggered by both movement and external sensors. With intelligent recording, all footage is relevant footage.

Second. we can retain footage off site for an indefinite period of time. By leveraging our in house store center, we can create a footage archive for long term storage.

Finally, we provide both Android and iOS mobile apps. Both live and archival footage can be viewed in the app. No matter where you are, you have the piece of mind seeing what your security system sees.

Security cameras are still the best way to deter potential thieves and violent crimes. Rest assured, no matter what your security needs, Black Brick Software has you covered.

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