Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

BlackBrick Software's experienced developers design and program custom apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, and Windows Phone mobile platforms. We develop end-to-end mobile solutions for a variety of needs. Our mobile apps streamline business workflows, increase productivity, help business establish mobile access to their customers, and are available in their respective mobile app store once development is completed.

Mobile apps are a powerful tool for any private individual, business, non-profit, or government organization. The possibilities are endless:

  • Asset and inventory management
  • Productivity and organization
  • Website integration
  • Remote access
  • Social media
  • Business workflow
  • Field service
  • Commerce and sales
  • Games and multimedia
  • Supporter mobilization

While websites, especially responsive mobile-friendly websites, are a very important part of any digital strategy, mobile applications have a number of strategic advantages. Mobile apps are able to access more information and are capable of performing significantly more functions such as GPS tracking, bar code scanning, video/pictures, read contacts, accelerometer, file transfer, vibration, and haptic feedback. Furthermore, unlike websites, mobile apps do not require access to the internet; this can be exceptionally useful in rural areas or when data connections are limited.

Your audience is already using mobile every day. While once supplementary to other services, mobile is now at the forefront of how customers find and interact with businesses. It’s expected for a business to have a mobile app and for good reason. We have an intuitive understanding of how consumers use their mobile devices; we use our smart-phones and tablets every day for almost everything. 

Let us show you how easy it is to bring your idea into life by making them available on your customers’ mobile devices.

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