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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a necessity for managing interactions with current and future customers. Whether your site is for your business, nonprofit, government, or a political campaign – you probably want to keep track of the people you interact with, as well as the people you want to interact with.  

CRMs can perform myriad functions for managing and maximizing your relationships and communication with supporters, fans, and customers. From tailored marketing and subscription billing to one-on-one customer service and customer rewards, implementing a CRM that integrates with your web presence will transform your website from a virtual billboard to a multi-directional marketing and communications hub.

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Every Industry

For Business

  • Tailored Marketing
  • Customer Service & Sales Tracking
  • Subscriptions & Alerts
  • Billing/Invoice Management
  • Loyalty Rewards  

For Nonprofit

  • Volunteer & Donor Relationship Tracking
  • Online Contributions & Memberships
  • Financial Tracking & Reporting
  • Lead Generation  
  • Email Blasting
  • Event Management  
  • Grant Management  


  • Targeting & Scoring  
  • Listing & Mapping/Turf Cutting
  • Email Blasting
  • Phone Bank & Canvass Management  
  • SMS & Email Alerts   
  • Volunteer Followup & Management  


  • Constituent & Case Management
  • Hotspot & Cluster Issue tracking
  • Staff Followup  
  • Automated Responses  
  • SMS & Email Alerts/Updates
  • Surveys & Data Collection



NationBuilder is the world’s first fully integrated CMS (Content Management System) and CRM platform – a seamless link between simple, user-friendly management of your website and a robust people database. Developed to give anyone the tools to organize a community, NationBuilder is capable of attracting, engaging, and tracking your supporters’ activities everywhere you communicate – including your website, social media, email, telephone, or even SMS text messaging.  

Political Campaigns and smaller non-profit organizations will find that NationBuilder comes “out-of-the-box” ready to streamline most day-to-day operations, with little technical experience and at a lower cost than traditional Campaign management platforms. NationBuilder is a subscription based product can scale up on-demand as your organization grows, and functionality can be expanded and integrated with several third-party add-ons available from the rapidly growing NationBuilder “ecosystem”?


CiviCRM is a self-hosted, open-source platform developed specifically to meet the needs of NGOs, nonprofit/advocacy groups, and government offices/agencies. CiviCRM operates in tandem with your CMS (Joomla!, Wordpress, or Drupal), and offers management of an organization’s members, donors, event registrants, subscribers, grantees and grantors, as well as casework – with the unique advantage of also leveraging the wide array of extensions available for your CMS platform.  

Larger organizations will benefit from CiviCRM’s highly adaptable and customizable workflow and features - including customized dashboard views, automated case management, granular permission sets and security profiles, enhanced constituent and financial reporting, as well as full communications integration. Every CiviCRM installation is as unique as your organization, tailor fit to your specific needs and goals.

Build your Base - engage supporters now

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