Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites

With a proven track record of helping clients sell online, Black Brick Software is the partner you are looking for to turbo-charge your online sales. We have worked with all sizes and types of business looking to start or expand their ecommerce operations. From small, garage-based business to established brick and mortar shops, we work to develop solutions tailored for each client. As one-size never fits all, we utilize a number of services and platforms to make a custom solution that works for your business.

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Magento is a powerful ecommerce system, with features, capabilities, and extensions that not many other platforms can compete with. Now owned by eBay Inc., it power hundreds of thousands of stores. It is a choice for businesses at every stage of growth.

Magento is flexible and powerful platform. It has powerful reporting, complex discounting and voucher, and has an API allowing it to easily integrate into other systems such as stock control and accounting. It is also extremely customisable; most of the customisation can be doin in the admin interface.

Magento does have a downside: a steep learning curve. It takes serious time and dedication to use effectively. Because of this, we only recommend Magento for larger stores who with to put serious effort behind their ecommerce presence.


For many years, Virtuemart has been the ecommerce extension of choice for Joomla. It has great stock support for many complex features found only in the extensions of other ecommerce platforms. From shopper groups to multi-currency calculation, Virtuemart provide a good platform to sell products online.

With a large number of extensions, Virtuemart is quite flexible. There is support for many unique capabilities such as payment with Bitcoins.


A relative newcomer to the field, WooCommerce has exploded onto the scene with a simple and easy to use ecommerce solution for Wordpress. Although not as powerful out of the box as Magento and Virtuemart, it has a great selection of extensions and excellent support for creating custom extensions. WooCommerce is the perfect solution for a small shop running inside a Wordpress website or blog.

expand your business - sell online now

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