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We are in the middle of 2015 and the software industry does not seem to be slowing down. It's no secret conventional software has been transitioning from desktop environments to cloud based solutions. Many software vendors are opting for the software as a service business model (SaaS) and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. One of the biggest reasons is that SaaS is a more profitable business model than one time desktop software sales. In addition switching to the SaaS business model gives companies a bigger cash-flow therefore are able to deliver new features, updates and address security concerns faster.

One of the industries that has caught our eye is Intuit QuickBooks. They are one of the most recognized accounting software companies in the world. Like them or not they were one of first SaaS pioneers for accounting software with the launch Quickbooks Online back in 2004.

What's interesting is, despite Quickbooks Online being out there for more than 10 years, the grand majority of its users are still running the desktop versions. The company has stated numerous times they want to increase the use of the online platform, but many users are reluctant to do so. Part of the reason is that users have accumulated knowledge over years of using the desktop version. Another big complaint is with frequent updates, businesses have to adjust or re-train employees every time the interface updated.

Black Brick Software can create software that gives you the best of both worlds. We make software that is specific to your business. Having custom software reduces complexity and makes documenting easy for training. The software changes is controlled by you and adding new features is entirely up to you as well. You will not have to deal with pushy sales people forcing you to upgrade the software that is giving you no added value. But most importantly we can make your software cloud based to give you scalability, and the best of both worlds.

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