Automate Repetitive Tasks

When was the last time you had a passionate drive to get things done? If you ask most business owners they will tell you exactly what they plan to accomplish on any given day.

Many of us are masters in our craft. We enjoy solving problems, making someone's life easier, building things, creating something out of nothing. You know, that feeling of accomplishment that can only be achieved by crossing every item in your day to day to-do list .

It would be great to start that new project you're eager to work on, and be able to do so distraction free until the objective is achieved. But the hard reality is that we have to do monotonous tasks, things such as billing, invoicing, payroll, taxes, purchasing, inventory management, reports, data and number crunching... (AKA the boring stuff). Yes, these tasks are important, but keeping things moving can be hard when these blood sucking resource draining leech-like tasks are sucking up your entire day.

We have 3 options my friends. We can do it ourselves, we can hire someone manually do it for us or we can automate jobs.

 When we decide to take on the mundane our selves, things are going to get done correctly for the most part. The draw back of doing everything yourself is opportunity loss. Your business needs you for development, to grow, and see the big picture. After all you can only do so much in a day. How is your business supposed to nourish?

The second option is to hire or assign current personnel the undesirable tasks. While this option is appealing at first, your best worker is also human. The best of our employees can only do so much work before we have to bring in new staff. When we bring in new staff we have to account for things such as new taxes, training, sick days, and personal days off. Every time we bring a new employee to our team we also bring in extra responsibilities.

The third option is task automation through custom software. Note I said "Custom Software". While there is off the shelf software for almost anything, off the shelf is usually designed with a very broad audience in mind. Custom software on the other hand is the single closest thing to "Super Powers" you can buy for your business. Custom software extends the powers of your existing employees and allows them to do more in a way that makes sense. Unlike your best employee you can replicate software as your business expands and takes in more work.

When you buy custom software you can connect your offices if you have multiple locations, maintain everyone on the same page, do things your way with your own terminology and language that is specific to your realm of work. When you're ready to make the leap and give your business super powers give us a call. At Black Brick Software, we work business to create software that performs; it pays for itself. We create solutions that take care of the nitty-gritty and let you get back running your business.

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