Best of Both Worlds

We are in the middle of 2015 and the software industry does not seem to be slowing down. It's no secret conventional software has been transitioning from desktop environments to cloud based solutions. Many software vendors are opting for the software as a service business model (SaaS) and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. One of the biggest reasons is that SaaS is a more profitable business model than one time desktop software sales. In addition switching to the SaaS business model gives companies a bigger cash-flow therefore are able to deliver new features, updates and address security concerns faster.

Developing Robust Software for an Engineering Firm

For businesses that provide complex and highly-specific work, having a system robust enough to match their workflow without being cluttered or overwhelming is important. Mid-State Engineering & Testing is one of those businesses. We set out to improve their operations by upgrading them from a Microsoft Access database circa 1995 to a cloud-based, CRM-like system meeting all of their original needs without sacrificing ergonomics.

Lawn Maintenance Business Management System

Using the same software for over 20 years is amazing, but all good things must come to an end. The Lawn Builders had been using the same invoicing and business management since the days of MS-DOS. Earlier this year, the time finally came for a new system. We created a cloud-base platform replacement that not only incorperated all features of the original software, but also added complex batch data processing and many aspects of a CRM.

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