Dan Watermeier for Legislature

After successfully winning his 2012 campaign for the District 1 of the Nebraska Unicameral, Dan began to look for ways to reach out to his constituents regarding important legislative issues, managing his current constituent base relations, and preparing for his 2016 reelection campaign. There were several aspects to this project we completed in different stages. The site was not singularly a informational, campaign, or constituent outreach website. We had to strike a balance between all these needs.

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites

With a proven track record of helping clients sell online, Black Brick Software is the partner you are looking for to turbo-charge your online sales. We have worked with all sizes and types of business looking to start or expand their ecommerce operations. From small, garage-based business to established brick and mortar shops, we work to develop solutions tailored for each client. As one-size never fits all, we utilize a number of services and platforms to make a custom solution that works for your business.


A powerful and highly-extendable Content Management System with virtually no limitations, Joomla! is an excellent solution for managing even the most complex websites. In fact, you're looking at a Joomla!-based website right now!

Leveraging Voter Data in CiviCRM

Political campaigns thrive on mobilizing supporters. From getting volunteers for door knocking and phone banking to getting out the vote. Identifying and interacting with potential supporters can be a big part of a successful campains.

Math Captcha

Solve to submit

This is a Joomla 3+ captcha plugin that requires the solving of addition problems. Instead of trying to decipher distored images, visitor just have to solve a first grade level math problem.


Routing Plugin for Jooma 3+.

This plugin will transparently rewrite matching urls if a cookie is set. It is designed to match a generic url or an organization and rewrite it to the department, campus, or location specific url based on a cookie (if it exists). For example, will be rewriten to

Vanguard NOW

The Los Angeles LGBT Center is the largest LGBT advocacy organization in the world. It publishes quarterly magazine called Vanguard. They were looking to put this magnetize online and have the ability to update the content more often to keep up with current events. This website needed to have a number of unique features.

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