Basic Node.js Web Server Setup

One of the more surprising things I ran across when first learning Node.js was a clear and concise tutorial on setting up a Node web server. I struggled more than I would like to admit getting my first server setup.

Ghost Installation on an Ubuntu Server

Ghost on Node.js

I was fortunate enough to wake up today and decide to want to create a portfolio page. Having just recently completed a project using Node.js it only seemed right for me to host my portfolio page utilizing some familiar tools. Dave told me about Ghost after I asked him if there was a CMS like environment that uses Node.js in the backend and decided that it would be a good fit for this specific page. Keep in mind, these are instructions for a little more advanced users and I am assuming you know and have access to the different users. Long story short, I'm running this blog on a DigitalOceandroplet running Ubuntu 14.04+.

Precious Metals Spot Price Display

Kearney Coin Center came to us looking for a way to display the current spot prices of precious metals in their store. Similar to a stock ticker, they envisioned large screen actively updating as prices changed.

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