Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce Websites

With a proven track record of helping clients sell online, Black Brick Software is the partner you are looking for to turbo-charge your online sales. We have worked with all sizes and types of business looking to start or expand their ecommerce operations. From small, garage-based business to established brick and mortar shops, we work to develop solutions tailored for each client. As one-size never fits all, we utilize a number of services and platforms to make a custom solution that works for your business.

Leveraging Voter Data in CiviCRM

Political campaigns thrive on mobilizing supporters. From getting volunteers for door knocking and phone banking to getting out the vote. Identifying and interacting with potential supporters can be a big part of a successful campains.

Red Cap Cards

Red Cap Cards is a upscale greeting card printing and distribution service based in Beverley Hills, CA. They specialize in custom made greeting cards from notable designers and artists alike, creating a greeting card for nearly every situation. Red Cap Cards was facing a problem though, their old website was not meshing with their execellent branding. The approach to tackling these problems was a clean and efficient new website powered by Wordpress and Woocommerce. The website we set out too build needed to be clean, fast, simple, and stylish to maximize the customer's experience while also having tons of depth for returning customers or artists.


Designed for content creators and bloggers, WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems due to combining powerful tools and extensions with a user-friendly interface. With a large Open Source developer community, WordPress offers an easy-to-learn option that can rival even the most high-tech options for a professional website.

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